The in vivo lab

Speed, accuracy, and efficiency are desirable attributes of any control system. For the spine, these attributes may determine if a person will suffer a future injury or will develop persistent back pain.  

Designed to test the various attributes of spine control, MSUCOR’s in vivo lab utilizes custom-built and commercially available equipment:  

  • Mikrolar rotopod to assess spinal control in multiple planes of motion.

  • MSUCOR compliant robot to assess postural control in an unstable sitting task.

  • Quick-release apparatus to assess trunk muscle reflex responses.

  • Head and trunk position and force tracking apparatus to assess speed and accuracy of spine control.

  • Delsys 16-channel Bagnoli Desktop EMG system to assess muscle effort level.

  • PTI Visualeyez, 3D motion capture to record human movement.

  • Kistler force plate to measure ground reaction forces/moments and center of pressure

The MSUCOR in vivo lab is a 1,150 square foot, state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated for human biomechanical testing of the various attributes of spine control.