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Physicians, engineers team up to study osteopathic treatments
A multidisciplinary team of Michigan State University researchers has been awarded $4.2 million to develop accurate clinical research tools for studying osteopathic manipulative medicine, a hands-on approach to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Pregnancy may be impetus for degenerative back disease
Researchers from Michigan State University are studying whether pregnancies, specifically cesarean-section deliveries, are linked to a degenerative back disease that affects women three to nine times more often than men.

MSU spine researchers take part in international tour on back pain
Two Michigan State University researchers using an innovative approach to study back pain are taking part in a traveling international symposium that features the world's leading experts on spinal control, back pain and rehabilitation.

MSU researcher unveils new approach to treating lower back pain
Using a branch of science that crosses disciplines to study complex problems, a Michigan State University researcher is introducing a new way to understand and treat lower back pain, a condition affecting more than 40 million Americans and costing billions of dollars each year.